SysEleven Stack Networking Service


The SysEleven Stack Networking Service is built on the OpenStack Neutron project.

It enables Network-Connectivity-as-a-Service for other SysEleven Stack services, such as the Compute Service. It provides an API for users to define networks and the attachments into them.

You can manage your network both via our public OpenStack API endpoints, as well as using the Dashboard.


How do I connect two subnets with another?


Step One: Login

Sign in at the Dashboard

SysEleven Login

Step Two: Create Interface on Router

To create a new interface on our router:

Repeat the process with the other router.

Interface Overview

Step Three: Add a Static Route

To add a static route:

Repeat the process with the other router

Interface Overview

Step Four: Creating the Host Route

To create the host route:

Repeat the process with the other subnet.

Interface Overview


You connected two subnets, so they can communicate with another.
You also set up our own host routes and got to know the networking settings in the dashboard.